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Dragon Herbal is made specifically for men who are not indifferent to their health and who wish to improve their potency. It contains a lot of herbal extracts that are selected to enhance the action of each other. Those who decide to buy Dragon Herbal pills will quickly understand that the drug is similar to conventional dietary supplements in use: it acts quickly, does not require medical advice and observation in clinics. Manufacturers have done clinical trials and confirmed the effectiveness of it to enhance potency with quality certificates. The problem with potency has existed for more than a century, and for the same amount of time it has been studied and tried to treat. It has long been known that the appearance of an ailment can be caused for two reasons: physical or mental. The physical requires careful study, diagnosis, medical intervention (treatment), but the mental can be solved quite quickly. For example, pills Dragon Herbal for potency improving do a good job of it. They are designed specifically for men who lose the ability to fully have sexual intercourse, enhance libido and erection resistance. The problem of low potency is solved safely for the health of men in general and for each of his organs individually. According to reviews, Dragon Herbal pills are not addictive and therefore can be used along with conventional treatment. This is just a great alternative to other treatment, including surgical.

The ease of use and affordable cost of Dragon Herbal pills makes the product popular with men, because not everyone is able to admit to strangers his ailments especially impotence. You can simply order Dragon Herbal on website and use them incognito, secretly.

Product properties

This is a fast-acting remedy, thanks to which a penis is put in combat readiness immediately after the use of pills. One or two doses of the drug provides a one-time effect. What do pills do in the male body?

  • Accelerate blood flow, concentrating in the genitals, and cause arousal.
  • Make an erection resistant and ensure its regularity. After taking it, a man can be an excellent lover even in a tired state.
  • Stimulates libido and encourages the male brain to conquer female hearts.
  • Create the mood necessary for having sex, and fills a man with energy.
  • Increase the time of sexual intercourse, but the partners remain tireless and get maximum pleasure from the ongoing process.

The composition of the Dragon Herbal

The composition of Dragon Herbal was selected according to certain rules, i.e. taking into account the properties of each ingredient, so that their mutual action is most effective. Rich in natural ingredients, the drug is highly effective and beneficial to the health of the body as a whole.

  • Vitamin D replenishes the deficiency of this vitamin in the blood, as its absence affects the blood flow to the penis.
  • L-Arginine — an amino acid that dilates blood vessels, participates in the production of growth hormone, helps the production of insulin, enhances erectile function, tones, improves blood circulation.
  • Vitamin B3 (Niacin) — normalizes the supply of the body with nutrients, accelerates blood flow, and relieves inflammatory processes.
  • Folic Acid provokes the production of nitric oxide in the blood because erection will be difficult without it.
  • Ginkgo Biloba is one of the best components for treating erectile dysfunction, it prevents the production of serotonin in the erectile center of the brain, and this leads to better synthesis.
  • Yohimbine is also effective in treating dysfunction by activating nitric oxide production, but may have side effects in case of individual intolerance.
  • Panax Ginseng — a perennial plant that contains vitamin C, alkaloids, phosphorus, tannins, sulfur, etc. The use of ginseng helps to improve erectile function, sperm activity.

How it solves the problem of erectile dysfunction?

92% of men on the planet belong to a risk group, that is, they may have a similar problem. What is the reason?

  • Being overweight affects potency.
  • There is no stable erection due to excessive consumption of alcohol and cigarettes.
  • The penis is reduced during sex.
  • Using a condom reduces feelings.
  • Psychological impotence.
Real reviews about Dragon Herbal for improving of erection suggest that it will help get rid of all these problems. Studies have shown that the drug has no contraindications. The only caveat is the individual intolerance of some component. Dragon Herbal’s testimonials from doctors are based on research. If you strictly follow the instructions, you will receive only a positive result.

What guarantees does Dragon Herbal offer?

People who think where to buy Dragon Herbal should know that the product is fully certified and approved by WHO-GMP. He has an identification number. The site staff is well trained and is very responsible to any customer. Each customer’s information is kept confidential. Excellent relationship with customers helps to communicate and solve any problem.

Figures and statistics

This product has already helped more than 12 thousand men to gain confidence. For almost 9 years of existence on the market, it has won the trust of people from twenty one countries of the world.


The pills are effective and the patient will immediately feel all the benefits:

  • the first use of them gives a man energy, strength and lasting long lasting erection;
  • health improves, sensations change. The consumer notes the regular onset of an erection when thinking about a woman, and the excitement occurs naturally without involving manual methods;
  • after using the product, a man works miracles in bed.
Dragon Herbal pills

Mode of application

There is nothing complicated about taking pills. In the instructions for Dragon Herbal pills for men, manufacturers describe all the necessary sequence of actions. It is recommended to take the drug forty minutes before the act and adhere to a dosage of 4 tablets per week.

Price and delivery

Dragon Herbal cannot be bought at the pharmacy. It can be purchased only on the official website. In this case, manufacturers guarantee quality. Price and delivery time of Dragon Herbal for sex life improving may vary depending on the country in which you live (3 to 8 business days). The average cost is about $ 130 for 60 tablets. For orders over 100 Euros, delivery will be free.

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