Libomax — capsules for a stable erection

Libomax is a new generation potency remedy. The action of the product is based on the awakening of the body’s hidden reserves, stimulation of testosterone production and regeneration of the vessels of the penis at the cellular level. The product contains many biologically active components that stimulate the production of testosterone in the body.

What drives people to buy Libomax? The fact is that, in addition to increasing testosterone levels, the unique composition allows you to relax and expand the walls of the arteries of the penis, strengthen the locking muscles and help increase the duration of intercourse.

Capsules Libomax


Who is Libomax suitable for?

Libomax to strengthen erection is necessary for men with problems in sexual relations of a psychological or physiological nature. The product effectively eliminates inflammation of the pelvic organs, eliminates the effects of stress and overexertion. Men, whose profession is associated with danger, multiple negative situations and nervous tension, need to take Libomax according to urologists, both for the prevention of weakening of potency and for existing disorders.

A decrease in sexual activity associated with natural aging of the body is also a mandatory factor when taking the product. For men who have stepped over the 40-year mark, the course of taking the product will help maintain youth, energy and enjoy sexual adventures until old age.
This is a product with a complex effect. You should buy Libomax in Canada if you have:

  • decreased sex drive;
  • age-related changes;
  • lack of potency due to psychological or physiological factors;
  • poor sperm quality;
  • premature ejaculation;
  • decreased tone;
  • sluggish potency;
  • reduced production of testosterone in the body;
  • circulatory disorders in the pelvic organs;
  • an increase in the duration of sexual intercourse.

Properties of the product and how it works

Reviews of Libomax to enhance libido indicate that the product acts in several directions at once:

  • improves blood circulation in the pelvic organs, which ensures blood flow to the penis;
  • stimulates the production of testosterone, which guarantees an erection at the right time;
  • eliminates inflammatory processes in the prostate gland and ureter, which relieves pain;
  • stimulates nerve endings, which provides vivid sensations during intercourse;
  • slows down age-related changes, which allows you to enjoy the joys of sex for a long time;
  • reduces the effects of stress, soothes, relieves psychological impotence;
  • removes the fear of failure in bed;
  • saturates the body with vitamins and essential microelements;
  • provides regular sexual activity after the course;
  • improves the tone of the vessels of the penis;
  • prevents the appearance of prostatitis;
  • stabilizes an erection;
  • increases sexual stamina, ensuring long-term sexual intercourse;
  • improves sperm quality.


Having studied the reviews of experts about Libomax capsules for men, it is difficult to overestimate the effectiveness of its effect on the body.

  • Unlike similar products, it is perfectly combined with any products and does not cause side reactions.
  • It acts quickly enough and, in case of a one-time failure, will allow you not to be confused. In such cases, long-term use of the product is necessary. When there is a persistent erectile dysfunction, the course of taking the product allows you to forget about failures for a long time, once again plunging into a stormy sex life.
  • This is a product with proven efficacy, can be used for different age groups from 18 to 80 years. You can order Libomax capsules on the website, both as an independent remedy and as part of a complex therapy.


In addition to the main component, the effect of the product is enhanced by a unique set of herbs that provide excellent erection and long-term intercourse.

Horny Goat Weed
Horny Goat Weed Extract has a positive effect on the production of testosterone, stimulates the closing muscles, ensures prolonged intercourse, stimulates metabolic processes, improves blood flow.
Saw Palmetto
Saw Palmetto Extract improves erection, dilates blood vessels, promotes blood vessel regeneration, and increases physical endurance.
Tongkat Ali
Tongkat Ali Extract increases the concentration of testosterone in the blood, improves erection, prolongs intercourse and increases libido.
Wild Yam
Wild Yam Extract stimulates blood circulation, promotes blood circulation, enhances spermatogenesis, stimulates and sharpens perception and promotes concentration.
Nettle Extract eliminates diseases of the genitourinary system and increases the level of sexual desire.

What results you can achieve

  • Vivid sensations, rough sex
  • Sexual stamina
  • Powerful long lasting erection
  • Increase in testosterone production, prevention of prostatitis
  • Absence of pain and inflammation in the pelvic organs
  • Stable erection
  • Increase in the size of the penis

Expert opinion

A lot of people, before ordering Libomax in Canada, study the opinion of experts. According to well-known sexologists, the course of taking the product helps to increase libido and improve sensations during intercourse. All doctors note not only the high efficiency of the product, but also its safety. According to studies conducted among male volunteers, 88% completely got rid of problems, 12% noted a significant improvement in their condition.

Mode of application

There is nothing difficult about how to take Libomax. Each package contains clear instructions for use.

  • Take 1 capsule 2 times a day.
  • Take the capsules with a glass of water.
  • For best results, take capsules every day.

Special price offer in Canada

You can buy the product online. However, it is worth remembering that due to the high popularity of the product and the affordable price of Libomax, many sites have appeared to distribute outright fakes. You can buy the original product only on the official website. For buyers there is a special system of discounts and different packages are offered:

  • when buying three cans, the price per unit is $39.74;
  • when buying two pieces — $49.98 per can;
  • when buying one — $62.50 per unit.

Capsules Libomax