Fish XXL — Biting activator for summer and winter fishing

Eco-friendly Fish XXL is intended to provide great fish crop in any weather conditions. The spray was specially developped to attract fish even when the temperature is low. Fish XXL is produced as a spray which is used to feed up fish. Within several years it has been considered as an effective tool in fishing competitions. Participants from all over the world are pleased with the result and give positive feedbacks about the biting activator Fish XXL.

The composition of the Fish XXL spray for summer and winter fishing was developped by the scientists specially for use in ponds, lakes, rivers and seas. Season and weather conditions don’t affect the result of fishing at all. Aim of the composition is to increase your fish crop in the shortest period. People who decided to buy the biting activator Fish XXL Spray get quick, effective and compact product which is easy to use. Special tests confirm that this spray absolutely corresponds all the requirements.

Fish XXL

How Fish XXL biting activator works

Real feedbacks about the Fish XXL activator say that mucous membranes naturally stimulate the sense of smell of fish. Receptors which transfer the corresponding impulses to brain belong to strongly smelling substances. Even when fish is not hungry, it can feel the smell and it floats to a bait. After the influence of this spray fish become more active even in cold season in cold water.

To avoid the defense reaction of fish, the producer chose a dark colour for this product, as fish usually fears bright colours. Stiff consistency of the product allows it to stay on the bait even for a long time.


The price of the Fish XXL activator for winter fishing is reasonable as the product works effectively and helps its owner to achieve the following results:

  • Fishing will be more successful at any weather;
  • The spray stimulates receptors of extremely careful and nourishing fish;
  • There is no more need for long baits;
  • Fishing in cold season takes place much quicker;
  • Fish crop is greater;
  • Spray does not make any negative impact on skin;
  • Spray attracts even shoals of fish;
  • Easy to use;
  • Spray is economic, convenient, and can be used in gloves;
  • It can be combined with various supplementary fish feeds;
  • The product has the attracting aroma;
  • Long effect;
  • Excellent fish crop influences positively your self-assessment.


Fish XXL consists of natural ingredients which attract fish with its smell. The ingredients are harmless and don’t contaminate the environment:

  • Leek;
  • Hemp oil;
  • Citrus hystrix;
  • Squid protein;
  • Polysaccharides;
  • Amino acids;
  • Natural fats.
Active natural ingredients in complex attract sense of smell of fish, so it gets into the trap. Spray’s ingredients are absolutely harmless for the environment.

Experts’ opinion

British scientist Andy Moore said in his interview for BBC: «We’ve discovered the product which attracts all kinds of fish. It leads to some changes in fishing industry». Experts recommend to use the spray in the following situations:

  • You need the guaranteed fish crop in limited time.
  • There is no opportunity to take a big amount of baits.
  • You want to develop new methods of catching and baits.
  • There is no opportunity to look for new fish places.
  • You are worried about the criticism of your relatives concerning lack of fish crop.
  • There is no opportunity to prepare a bait for a long time.
  • If you’re a fan of hiking and want to get a wonderful fish crop at the same time.
  • You want to save the family budget.
  • There’s no desire to consider weather conditions.
  • For inhabitants of northern regions.
  • For those who want to feel real euphoria when fishing.
  • For those who want to do away with the working clothes when fishing.

Way to use

When using the Fish XXL activator, it’s important to follow the instructions and treat carefully all the tools. Take a bait that you usually use. Spray it 3 times, if you are fishing wild fish — 8 times. Biting will start in approximately 15 minutes. Use the activator after you catch more than one fish, as water can wash away the smell.

Is you can’t catch a fish, wait for some time, so that the activator could attract fish. It can take some time. Don’t pay attention to a strong smell of the product. The composition of the bait doesn’t contain any chemical additives and can be used anywhere.

Where can I buy the activator?

Many people ask where they can buy the Fish XXL Spray for fishing. Actually, you can’t buy it in a usual shop. The best way is to order it in the online-shop of the producer. This way of purchasing helps to avoid fakes. You are just to enter your name and phone number in the application form. Our operators will contact you immediately and arrange fast delivery. Also, on the site you can find some information about the price of the Fish XXL activator.