Ultraprost — capsules for prostatitis

One of the most important organs in the male body is the prostate gland. It produces a special secret for sperm. Also, this organ blocks the urethral channels during an erection. Inflammation of the prostate gland leads to its increase in size, and this in turn affects the processes of erection and urination. The usual way of life of a man is disturbed, the quality of life is reduced. Therefore, those who have problems in this area should buy Ultraprost. This is an effective remedy for prostatitis, aimed at improving the performance of the prostate.

Ultraprost is a product for relieving the inflammatory process of the prostate and reducing the size of the organ to normal size. When creating the drug, manufacturers focused on naturalness. The product in question has a 100% natural composition, so we can safely say that it effectively treats inflammation of the prostate and does not harm other organs. In the classification of therapeutic agents, this drug is listed as a dietary supplement. It comes in a plastic jar. Each jar contains 60 capsules.


How it works?

When the Ultraprost capsule enters the stomach, its shell dissolves, and the contents are released and mixed with gastric juice. Active components are absorbed through the gastric mucosa and enter the bloodstream. They quickly arrive at the site of inflammation, affect the endocrine system, and contribute to the production of the hormone testosterone. And aphrodisiacs improve potency. In addition to the main functions, the product solves the following tasks:

  • increases the level of male hormone in the blood;
  • prevents the development of congestive prostatitis;
  • relieves swelling of the prostate;
  • improves urination;
  • reduces the risk of acute urinary retention.


Judging by the reviews of doctors, capsules Ultraprost are advised to be taken to treat prostate disease. They are also worth taking for the following reasons:

  • there is a diagnosed chronic prostatitis;
  • the prostatitis has become aggravated and it is necessary to take urgent measures;
  • decreased sensitivity of the genital organs, lack of erection and reduced potency;
  • frequent (mostly false) urge to go to the toilet;
  • felt pain, cramps and other discomfort in the groin area.
The drug is completely made from natural ingredients, so its use is safe, and contraindications are minimal: individual intolerance to the components.
Causes of prostatitis


Reviews of experts about Ultraprost for the treatment of prostatitis claim that the capsules contain only natural ingredients — plant extracts. All components of the product enhance and complement each other’s action.

The main active ingredient of the product is Saw Palmetto Extract. The extract contains substances that improve prostate health, prevent diseases of the genitourinary system, and improve sexual function.

Method of application and dosage

If you look at the instructions for use, which is written on the package, you will see that the scheme of reception is very simple:

  • Take one capsule before meals twice a day.
  • The medicine is intended for oral administration.
  • You need to drink clean water, it is not recommended to take capsules with coffee, tea or soda.
  • The first results will be visible in about a week: erection is restored and sexual potential improves. But the remedy cannot eliminate swelling and inflammation of the prostate in such a short time. To do this, you need to complete the full course of treatment and take the drug strictly according to the instructions.
  • The duration of the course of admission depends on the stage and complexity of the symptoms of the disease, and is calculated individually. The minimum course for prophylactic use is from 40 days. An effective course of admission in the fight against the initial stages of prostatitis is from 2 months. The maximum course is prescribed for acute manifestations of the disease — 2.5 months. To consolidate the result, it is recommended to take a second course — no earlier than 3 months after the end of the main course, but no later than 6 months of a break.

Opinions about Ultraprost

The product in question has pharmacy analogues, they are prescribed by doctors to their patients. However, almost all of these products have a synthetic base, and their effect is only temporary. After a certain time, you will have to start the course again. Ultraprost, on the other hand, has only a natural basis, is not addictive and does not harm other organs.

Why should you beware of fakes? There is a certain category of people who believe that this product does not work. In fact, negative reviews about the drug are left by men who are waiting for a “magic pill” that can instantly relieve all pains and problems. However, capsules Ultraprost for prostatitis are not such a remedy. They work in a complex, and the first signs of improvement are visible after 4-5 days. The effectiveness of the drug is proved by numerous real positive reviews from satisfied customers, as well as the results of clinical trials.

Here is the doctor’s opinion about Ultraprost capsules for the treatment of prostatitis:
I am often approached by men with prostate problems. Previously, I prescribed them the usual pharmacy products. They mostly consist of chemistry, have a quick effect, but temporary. After a course of treatment, as a rule, patients come back with complaints of symptoms of the disease. And so in a circle. Everything changed when I began to prescribe Ultraprost to my patients. I used to prescribe it in combination with traditional pharmacy products. But later, when I was convinced of the complete safety of the drug and high efficiency, I began to prescribe it without other means. Such a high efficiency of Ultraprost capsules is clear to me and does not raise questions: it’s all about the unique formula of natural ingredients.

Where can I buy Ultraprost capsules?

Due to the low price, Ultraprost is in great demand. Because of this, there is a high risk of forgery. Therefore, it is not recommended to buy Ultraprost in pharmacies. It is better to order it on the official website of the manufacturer — this way you can protect yourself from low-quality products and buy the drug at a low price.